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Can wear shoes comfortably now


2 yrs of pain to top of foot gone after release of intermediate cutaneous nerve. First time in many years...Patient sleeps through the night, four nights in a row.

Proper use of a shower bag.

6 weeks post op 2,3 met head osteotomy. Doing very well and wishes left foot looked as good as right foot with straight toes.

2 weeks post intermediate cut Nn release and gastroc recession. Patient can now move and feel her toes.

Healing fungus to 2,3 toe nails after hammer toe surgery With only hammer toe surgery his nails are improving 2 3 rd toes Pt is in construction

Nail in shoe insole saves from going into foot

12 weeks after Hammertoe repair, Bunionectomy and lengthening of the Gastroc tendon. She is very pleased that her toes now touch the ground and that she can walk smoothly.

Hi Steve,

Finally have a minute to sit down and thank you for the orthotics. I have run twice this week, once for 2 miles and today for 2.5 miles, with no pain at all. Previously I would run half mile segments interspersed with walking, and only be able to get 1.5 miles at the most. Quite something to be able to get that much running in and be pain free. Thanks so much!!!!


I went to Dr. Shoemaker after injuring my foot in a dirt bike accident. i had torn my posterior tibia tendon .When i went in to see him i was on crutches and couldnt put any pressure on my ankle. Dr. Shoemaker performed a series of laser  and shock wave treatment. I was amazed the swelling went down immedietly after my first treatment.  After just 3 days and one visit with Dr. Shoemaker  i  was able to put pressure on my foot and walk around without crutches. i was really impressed with the technology he uses and how well it worked for me! i did not expect to recover as quick as i did. Thank you Dr. Shoemaker. Your treatments were unbelievablle, and put me on track for a fast recovery!!


I visited The PACE office due to an injured, badly broken and misaligned toe bone. Dr. Shoemaker and his staff were compassionate in response to my physical pain and discomfort.  The office staff made every effort to make me an appointment, to see the doctor, at the earliest possible opportunity. Dr. Shoemaker discovered the bone was out of alignment and needed to be adjusted, so that it could heal properly.  He gave me injections in the toe to minimize the pain and performed a “reduction” efficiently. He instructed me on the importance of not bandaging an injured toe to a strong one.  The foot x-rays clearly showed how the incorrect treatment of a former break, by another podiatrist, had caused misalignment of the large tone bone. When I had a problem with my initial bandage, he efficiently worked on an alternative solution with a toe alignment splint.  I felt that he gave me all the time necessary for my care and advised me on the proper care of my injury and future treatments that would be beneficial.

PACE was able to provide me with the complete treatment of my injury.  I did not have to be referred to other services for x-rays and necessary medical equipment.   My husband stated that it was a pleasure to be treated in a “one-stop shop.”  They perform all diagnostic testing and even provide personalized orthotics design. Dr. Shoemaker was very helpful in explaining various procedures fully and allowing me to make the most informed decisions for my care.  The nursing staff provided me with excellent customer/patient services.
Dr. Shoemaker and his staff have provided me with the highest caliber of professional service.  I feel secure in the treatment of any podiatric or ankle problem by Dr. Shoemaker.  I am confident in recommending Podiatry and Ankle Care and Dr. Steven Shoemaker.


For most of my adult life, I suffered with a bunion on my right foot and was unable to wear a regular shoe without substantial pain.  I had surgery in 2009, but it failed and my foot became worse than ever.  I had heard about Dr. Shoemaker from a neighbor and made an appointment to see if there was a possibility of correcting the prior failed procedure.  He walked me through several steps of correction prior to deciding upon the surgery option.  I went forward with the surgery in October 2011.  The procedure was very successful; and I am walking better now and without pain (after only 6 weeks) and the foot is better than it ever has been in the past.

Not only is Dr. Shoemaker a skilled, knowledgeable surgeon, he has excellent bedside manner and takes time with him patients.  Adding to that, his office staff is efficient, courteous and consummate professionals.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with each of them.   I will continue to recommend PACE to anyone who requires podiatry and ankle care in the future.


Thank you for the recent K-laser treatment of my foot.  I had extreme pain, swelling and point tenderness due to arthritis from a previous in July.  It became painful with normal activities of daily living. Following my K-laser therapy I am now back to full activity with significantly reduced pain and swelling. I very much appreciate your staff's efforts, from Kathy at the front desk, to Maria and Kat in the back, and you Dr. Shoemaker. Thank you for everything.


Chronic, unrelenting pain in my ankles forced me to abandon soccer in the late summer of 2009.  A Placerville podiatrist in August 2009 diagnosed my feet as hyperpronated, and fitted me with orthotics in October.  While the ankle pain subsided after only weeks, a new pain in my right metatarsal joints appeared.  It grew worse in spite of repeated follow-up appointments, so after a few months I dumped him for another podiatrist in Folsom.  This specialist assured me that the first podiatrist was "on the right track."  He took x-rays, modified the right orthotic, and treated me with several months of cortisone shots and Piroxicam NSAIDs, but the pain remained so debilitating that, eighteen months after my initial August 2009 complaint, I could not resume any of my athletic pursuits, and had trouble sleeping.  I could not even walk without limping.  Panicked at the prospect of approaching my 50th birthday being crippled for the rest of my life, I turned to Dr. Shoemaker for my first examination in March 2011.  He took x-rays, examined me and my prescribed orthotics, and then fitted me for a very different orthotic prescription.  Unlike the other two podiatrists, Dr. Shoemaker uses a state-of-the-art foot imaging system that customizes the shape of the orthotics to the patient's feet, instead of other podiatrists' primitive, one-shape-fits-all plaster casts that had done me so much damage.  Dr. Shoemaker also offers a therapy using similarly sophisticated sonic wave-generating equipment that greatly accelerated the regeneration of the damaged tissues in my foot.  For $250 per 5-minute treatment, it was entirely worth it.  Dr. Shoemaker spends more for the best, and patients like me are happy to pay more, because I have now been able to return to soccer, hiking and mountain bicycling.  I will turn to him and his team for as long as he remains in practice.

My heartiest THANKS to Dr. Shoemaker and his gracious, helpful staff!


In March I broke the third metatarsal bone in my left foot. The break went undiagnosed, even after a visit to urgent care. After several weeks of having appointment with a podiatrist and finally an X-ray, the broken bone was finally diagnosed. Due to the geographic area of the podiatrist I felt I needed a podiatrist that was local to Roseville. I searched the Anthem website and found Dr. Shoemaker. From the first moment I called the office I knew I was in the right place to get some help. Kathy, the wonderful lady that is the first to greet you upon entering the office was very knowledgeable and respectful. Once I was called back into an exam room the ladies that assist Dr. Shoemaker are also very warm and caring. My first visit with Dr. Shoemaker was two months after the bone breakage. He was patient and very thorough. Dr.Shoemaker has a very calm nature so I immediately felt comfortable and knew he would take care of my foot. X-rays showed a very bad break and one that would need surgery. Dr.Shoemaker explained what would take place pre and post op. In the recovery room after surgery Dr. Shoemaker explained that he had to use cadaver bone and screws to mend the break.Shoemaker took great care to do his very best to repair the badly broken bone. It has been 12 weeks since surgery and my foot is doing great. At every visit I always feel like Dr. Shoemaker really cares about me and takes great pride in his work and getting the best results. I would recommend Dr. Shoemaker for everyone's foot care. I know if I ever need help with my right foot, Dr. Shoemaker will be the first one I call. Thanks to Dr. Shoemaker and his incredible staff I have a foot that should last a lifetime.


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